Four Steps of the Kitchen Renovation Planning Process

Four Steps of the Kitchen Renovation Planning Process

When a kitchen renovation is in the works, it’s vital to turn off the water and shut down the water supply before starting. Make sure that you have a plan for disposing of debris. The rough-in work includes framing, plumbing, and anything else in the walls. These should all be carefully considered and planned. Then it’s time to start designing and implementing your plan. The three main steps of the planning process for Dubai kitchens renovation:


The first step of the kitchen renovation planning process is demolition. Once you have signed a contract, a contractor will remove your old kitchen, including the countertops and floors. This step can include moving walls, doors, windows, and even plumbing and electrical systems. This step is important because it allows you to determine the new layout before installing your new kitchen. The next step is installation. If you have the time and the knowledge, you can also install your new cabinets and countertops yourself.

A checklist and timeline for the renovation:

A professional will have a checklist and timeline for the renovation. Choosing the specific details can make the decision-making process easier. Make sure your plan is flexible; you may reject some ideas and accept other contractors’ materials, but be flexible. This process will give you time to think about the design, and it will help you avoid costly surprises later. However, make sure you’re open to making changes if you find that the design isn’t what you’d hoped for.


First-time renovators need to consider the costs of plumbing, electrical work, and permits. These fees usually range from AED 100 to AED 900, depending on the type of project. Plumbing and faucets should make up about four percent of the budget. These items are essential to the functionality of a kitchen, but they can also be costly if you plan on changing the look of the room. Consider removing load-bearing walls, which will increase the overall price.


When it comes to tackling a kitchen renovation project, it is crucial to stay organized. This will help make the project go more smoothly, but it will also give you a higher satisfaction level with the finished product. To begin with, make a list of the things you do not like about your current kitchen. Common complaints include the size of your kitchen, lack of storage, outdated appliances, floor damage, and bad artificial lighting.