What Are the Different Strategies Property Agents Use to Sell a Land?

What Are the Different Strategies Property Agents Use to Sell a Land?

There are several different ways to market a property, and property agents often use different strategies to achieve their goals. Postcards, Animated videos, Pinterest boards, and Off-market deals are some of the strategies that agents can use to sell your Dubai Hills villas. Below, we’ll outline the most popular strategies real estate agents use. If you’re looking to sell a property, it’s important to understand your options before hiring an agent.

Animated video

Animated videos can be an effective way to market land if done correctly. Videos can be made to walk the viewer through the space, highlighting its unique features. Using a Dolley or gimbal can help create smooth, sweeping visuals which mimic the perspective of someone walking through a space. Proper camera angles are also vital. Incorporating them into your video can help remove the industry’s bad connotations.


If you’re planning to sell land, one of the different strategies used by property agents is postcard marketing. This type of marketing effectively tests a new area and verifies market information. You can also use postcard marketing to test new farm areas. Postcards are a great way to generate demand and awareness, and they’re easy to use. Follow a few simple tips to get the most out of postcard marketing to sell land.

Pinterest boards

If you’re looking to attract buyers, creating a Pinterest board is a great way to do it. Your boards can include images of new construction and interior design ideas or showcase your small-scale home improvements. Your Pinterest board will become the go-to place for customers by collecting as much relevant content as possible. The secret is to make sure that you include keywords in the board descriptions to drive traffic to your website.

Focus on first-time homebuyers

In preparing to sell land, focusing on first-time homebuyers is an effective way to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction. Home prices are rising due to the pandemic, and offers are often above list price. First-time buyers often cannot afford to pay full price for their new home and must borrow from family or friends to complete the purchase. Whether you sell your land for a full price or lower, you should focus on these buyers to maximize your profits.