What Are Melasma and Home Remedies to Deal With It?

What Are Melasma and Home Remedies to Deal With It?

First, you should know about melasma symptoms and what you can do to control them. Home remedies for melasma treatment in Dubai are available on the market. This article will learn about Hydroquinone, Tranexamic acid, and Aloe vera. You should also know about Vitamin E. All of these remedies work well on different skin types.


Hydroquinone is a chemical used to lighten the skin, and it is a popular home remedy for melasma. The chemical treats skin discoloration known as melasma or hyper-pigmentation. Although it’s difficult to get rid of melasma completely, it can significantly improve your skin tone. You can apply a thin layer of hydroquinone to the affected area and use SPF consistently.

Tranexamic acid:

Although oral tranexamic acid is a highly effective medication for hyperpigmentation of the skin, there are still many other options for dealing with melasma. It can be applied to the skin, taken as a pill, or both. Both treatments can help minimize the appearance of blotchy dark patches on the face. Melasma is a complex skin disorder triggered by hormones, UV rays, and genetics.

Aloe vera:

There are many benefits of aloe vera for melasma. It helps the skin resurface quickly, lightening dark spots and blemishes. Aloe vera has potent antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. The gel is best applied fresh from the plant, as store-bought products may not have 100% aloe vera. Aloe Vera is also moisturizing, an important feature to look for in-home remedies for melasma. Some creams and lotions can be drying, so you’ll want to find an alternative to the lotion or cream that contains aloe vera.

Vitamin E:

There are several home remedies for melasma. Home remedies containing apple cider vinegar have some success with melasma. The duration of the bleaching procedure varies from ‘until the vinegar is washed off to a couple of weeks. A lemon juice application on affected areas may help reduce the dark spots, but caution should be exercised to avoid causing skin irritation.

Gotu kola:

Ayurvedic physicians have been using Gotu kola to treat skin disorders for centuries, including rosacea. This plant, scientifically known as CentellaAsiatica, increases circulation, inhibits bacterial growth, and improves skin resilience. Many benefits of Gotu kola have been confirmed by modern research. CentellaAsiatica reduces scarring, increases skin tensile strength, and increases overall skin resiliency.